Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Stress free Christmas fun with your Family

Christmas is for many one of the most stressful periods of the year. Indeed, families face difficult challenges, both to prepare their Christmas presents and to stay on top of the celebrations.

Conflicts are frequent during the festive season, and they are, unfortunately, all linked to the way you react under stress. Ultimately, you can’t pretend that there isn’t a lot to sort out ahead of the celebrations! But you can get on with the preps without exposing yourself to high amounts of pressure.

The preferred approach for Millennials is to look at it from a DIY perspective. Indeed, if you are embracing the homemade feeling of Christmas, you can tap into a newly found sense of fun. Remember that it’s a family holiday; at its core, it’s about spending quality time together. Accept that your Christmas party may not be as polished as what lifestyle magazines aspire to. This is precisely what makes the holiday magical and memorable for all:

Own Christmas with your own family theme

The countdown with playful photos

Christmas decorations can be expensive – in fact, every year, families budget for their decorations alongside their presents. While you might want to create a unique indoor universe, you can’t break the bank in rococo and sparkling embellishments to impress your guests – chances are that your precious Christmas items won’t survive the holiday. Instead, use stylish and fun photos to create your individual take on Christmas. It’s not too late to prepare Christmas cards with family photos – these are perfect for family announcements too. Besides your in-laws will be delighted with the personal attention. If you don’t want to send printouts of your family photos, why not use a seasonal theme instead, such as elf ideas which you could decline for your greeting cards? This will give you a feeling of building something magical and unique for the seasonal, without breaking the bank on gold and sparkles.

Take no chances for your Christmas dinner

Large families fear reunion events, such as Christmas parties. Indeed, they can be tricky to organise, especially if you leave it to the last minute! Planning ahead – you can start planning now! – will save you a lot of issues. The earlier you start, the easier it is to design a decor and a meal that don’t go over budget. If you’re worried you may not be able to manage the timing of the dinner, you can work closely with a caterer. Thankfully, you can also share food duties with your guests. Why not ask someone to bring the dessert?

Thoughtful without breaking the bank

We get it; you want to have a thoughtful gift for everyone, but you’re not sure you can afford it. Don’t worry; you can make personal presents easily. Your aunt or distant cousin will be delighted about your homemade gin and tonic truffles – and they’re super easy to make! With a lot of patience, you can also get your older relatives a personalised Guess Who game with the photos of all the family!

Making Christmas magical this year doesn’t have to be a source of stress. On the contrary, with an out-of-the-box approach, you can make your decor, dinner and gifts stand out without even breaking in a sweat!

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