Thursday, 25 October 2018

10 Steps for Feeding Babies aged 0-12Mths

Although my babies are no longer in this age range, i can still remember all our feeding routines from the early days right through to the fussy toddler days. My youngest is now 5 yrs old, i remember everything about his dreadful feeding habits because he was the only breastfed baby out of all 3! I remember having long discussions with other breast feeding parents and even healthcare professionals about breastfeeding and how excited i was to try it with my last baby as i never really fancied it with the others. I watched other mums feed their babies, it looked so easy so i didn't doubt it for a second!

Then i had my beautiful baby boy, he was perfect. Shortly after his birth i tried breastfeeding, it went really well, just as i had planned.... for the first few feeds!!!
Then my baby decided not to latch properly, he struggled to feed and it got so painful so quickly! Midwives suggested he had tongue tie and would need to have the skin under his tongue snipped to make feeding much easier, so after a week or so we went ahead with it. I really thought it would make a difference but sadly it didn't. My boy still wasn't very good at latching on and i was losing patients. Bottle feeding was so much easier for both of us, so after 7 weeks of breast feeding struggles I decided to bottle feed only. I never looked back! This is what worked for us and my baby was content, he slept good and i was no longer in agony!

I know a lot of mothers keep up breastfeeding way past 6 months! Some have no struggles at all. I tried my best but it wasn't for me! I feel sorry for young mothers today who may feel pressured into breastfeeding, breast isn't always best, it definitely wasn't in my case.
We all want our children's feeding experiences to be positive ones but it doesn't always work out how we would have liked. Today i've been looking at these 10 easy steps for feeding babies aged 0-12 months and i think it's definitely worth a read for new parents who may be a little concerned by their babies eating habits, or lack of eating! It's SO difficult to know if our children are getting the right amount of vitamins, iron and everything needed to keep their little bodies fit and well. I found this information really useful and i only wish it was around back when my children were very little!

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