Wednesday, 22 August 2018

3 of my 'Must Haves' around the Home

 Everybody has their own favourite household essentials that they just couldn't be without, whether it's a front door mat, or key holder, a picture...
You may have many things that you couldn't be without, I know i do! For this post i've decided to write about 3 things only. What 3 House hold things i couldn't be without?! I'm not talking about Washing Machines and Kettles, obviously we all need those very much! I'm focusing on things that not everybody may find important but I do.

In order, here are the 3 most important things around my home that i couldn't be without:

1)      My Mug Tree

I have a small mug tree which holds 4 little Coffee cups and matching saucers. It's not identical to the one in the picture 'cos mine is way nicer!
It stands in my kitchen next to the Kettle and Coffee pots... ideal!

Why do I need it?

I'm quite fussy when it comes to a cup of Tea or Coffee. I don't like big heavy mugs for my hot drinks, especially as i drink a lot of Coffee so i prefer a small cup, then i don't have to feel really unhealthy if i have 5 cups per day!
The cups on this stand are the perfect size for me, I also love the stand because it saves space in my cupboard.

2) My Yankee Candle Collection

My candles are used every single evening when the kids go to bed, as soon as i come down the stairs my Candles are lit. I have 1 in the front room and 1 in the kitchen. I'm loving the large Yankee candles at the moment, because they seem to last forever!

Why do i need it?

 I think i became more in love with candles when we got our first family pet last year. I remember walking through my front door and the first thing i could smell was the cat litter!  I'm way too house proud for my lovely home to smell bad so i bought quite a few candles and that's when my love of candles began!
I now have around 4 candles in stock at home! I seem to add a few to my shopping order each week! As well as how great they make your home smell, it's also a calming and stress relieving thing to have in your front room when the kids are asleep and all in calm!

Candles can be pricey, especially the very popular Yankee candles. It's always good to shop around first and see what deals are available online rather than buying them at the supermarket.

3)  Coasters

You already know that i like to drink coffee in my favourite little cups! My cute little hedgehog coaster set goes great with my coffee addiction!  I bought it last year in Next and it's honestly the best thing in my front room!

Why do i need it?

Nice coasters always look good to have out when you have guests over, it saves your furniture from getting marked and in this case it looks super cute too! Whats not to love?!

So there you have it. These items would be the first things to go in my Moving Out box! I have other things around my home that i love and that are special to me, but these things which some people may not have or need, are really important to me!

What 3 household thingy 'ma bobs couldn't you be without?!  Please comment with your answers :-)

                                                                Thanks for Reading :-)

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