Friday, 3 August 2018

In Review: Little Live Bizzy Bubs

A few weeks ago, 2 of these cheery little Babies turned up in the post for the girls to review! L has just turned 8 and A is 10 (told me she was too old for this toy but would play with it for review purpose only!!) they both enjoyed playing with the babies, feeding them and tickling them, and reading from the booklet to find out how to interact with the Babies.

Our pink haired Baby, Primmy is a crawler and the blue haired baby, Snowbeam is a walker, they each have their own personality and different features making them the perfect toy for your little one to collect.

Press the button on the Nappy to interact with your baby, hear them laugh as you tickle them. When they are feeling sleepy your baby may want her dummy to help soothe her. When shes hungry try giving her a bottle. Both dummy and Bottle are included.

There are 4 single pack babies to collect, and 2 play set babies to collect which include a baby and a item such as a Crib or Carrier. Single pack Babies are on sale at Amazon priced £14.99 and Play set Babies are priced £22.99

We love our Bizzy Bubs and can't wait to try out the other 2 Babies which i'll be treating L to at Easter time!
Do your children own a Bizzy Bubs Baby? I'd love to hear from you so please do Comment!

Thanks for Reading :-)

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