Friday, 6 July 2018

Hair and Beauty Therapy for busy Mums

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 So, lately i've been thinking about how awful my hair looks. I've always had my Hair long, I love having long hair and i really can't imagine having it short. I don't get much time to look after my hair, i don't use any Hair masks and comb it through after conditioning like you're meant to! I wish i did but i just don't have the time that goes into decent hair care. What i'm now wondering is this. Is it time to lose a few inches of my Hair?!? It doesn't have to be short but it could just be shorter, it could still look really nice, and probably a lot healthier than it does now!

I think the thing holding me back is the time involved in growing your hair long. If i did get it cut shorter and i really missed having long hair i would be in for quite a wait while it's growing back!

I have been reassuring myself that if it comes to that, there is still a chance that  I could have long hair again, without waiting years for it to grow.

I've never had hair extensions before, but there are so many people providing good quality Hair extensions around my town that i know it would be an option i could look into easily.

I also like the idea of having some unusual hair styles such as side Braids and Twist Braids. Some Hair extensions and Wigs bought from stores or online can be pre-styled! Perfect for a mum on a school run every day!
Surprisingly they don't cost even half of what i thought!

After a little internet research i'm definitely feeling a lot more confident about having my hair cut, watch this space!!!

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