Friday, 2 February 2018

In Review: Brio World Deluxe Set

 This week, we have been trying out the king of all Brio sets, this is the Brio World deluxe train set. We have been playing with the set for an hour and 30 minutes none stop today. I've really enjoyed setting it up for the kids, there's so many different ways to create the Station.

The set includes 87 pieces, it's one of the biggest Brio collections available. It's really easy to put together, you don't really need to follow the instructions as you can put it together how you like. There are 3 Metro Train carriages and a Metro tunnel, 3 Travel Train Carriages, 1 freight Train, 2 vehicles, 2 container wagons, 1 freighter, a Train Station, 3 Stations, people and luggage, signs, level crossings, ramps, roads, oh and lots and lots of track!!

Everything you expect to see at a Train Station you will see here in this Brio world. The attention to detail is amazing, everything looks so real. The trains are fantastic quality, we've had some of our Brio Trains for around 5 years and they're still going strong!

This station is my favourite part of the play set, you can almost feel the hustle bustle of a real Train Station when setting this bit up. It has life like automatic doors which are controlled by a little wheel at the top.  There are lots of little people and Luggage included with the set.

I really like that this set includes some Road and vehicles too. My little boy loves the Bus station, there's often a long que of people waiting for the Bus in our set!! I love how there is so much detail with these sets, just look at the map on the bus station!

With a set like this one, there isn't much need to buy any add ons as there's so much included, enough to keep little ones busy for a while!

Now you're probably  thinking "where am i going to store all that?"  another great thing about this set is it comes in a large box with zippers on the side. Making it nice and easy to get the trains out and then put them away!

     Please watch our Video review to get a good idea of whats included in this play set.

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