Monday, 9 October 2017

In Review: Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station

 This month we've been really spoilt, we were given the opportunity to review this amazing play set from our favourite toy brand, Schleich. This is the largest set we've ever had. It came in a huge box but luckily didn't take very long to assemble.

I really didn't think the girls would be all that interested as this set is quite "boyish" but they did want to play with it, and they did enjoy playing it with their younger brother which was good!

The set has a lot of little pieces included, which is why it's suited more for children aged around 4 and over. It comes with 4 animals and a
There is a crocodile skull and integrated secret hiding place, the research centre as well as a viewing platform. The play set is packed full of features including:

Upper Jaw that can be opened and closed or removed

Secret passages leading to the treasure chamber

Hiding place in Croco tooth

Clip on viewing platform with secret trapdoor into treasure chamber


1 x large CROCO skull with secret hiding place,
 1 x jungle research building,
 6 x railings,
1 x Ranger Tom,
1 x crocodile,
1 x orang-utan,
 1 x black panther,
 1 x Asian elephant calf,
 1 x hoist container,
 1 x net,
 1 x viewing platform with trapdoor,
 1 x radar
 1 x mast with flag,
 1 x hammock
, 2 x shelving units,
 4 x hooks,
 1 x folding chair,
 4 x silver-coloured cage parts with doors,
 1 x dividing wall for cage, 6 x enclosure parts,
 1 x treasure chest,
 20 x gold pieces,
 1 x crystal skull,
 2 x torches,
 1 x treasure map,
 1 x fire pit,
1 x tripod with hook,
 1 x kettle,
 2 x tree trunk seats,
 1 x aluminium-coloured box
, 1 x spade,
 1 x axe,
 1 x survival knife,
1 x binoculars with carrying strap,
 2 x plates,
2 x camping cups,
1 x satellite phone,
 1 x laptop

Dimensions: 22 x 5.5 x 14.8 inch (W x D x H)

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