Thursday, 5 October 2017

In Review: Cicciobello Love 'n Care Doll

We were recently sent a lovely new Baby doll to try out, Cicciobello Love 'n Care. As you can see from his flush little cheeks, he's quite a poorly baby! Luckily he comes with all the medical tools he will need to get him feeling better again!

My girls aged 10 and 7 loved trying out the Cicciobello doll, I think A thought she was too old to play with this doll but when she saw how real his illness symptoms were she couldn't wait to get involved!

Cicciobello comes with 3 realistic looking bottles, with disappearing liquid inside and a lid just like a real baby bottle. Each bottle has a different colour formula, one is Milk,  Juice and Medicine. He also comes with a dummy that glows up in the dark and really does soothe him to sleep. The thermometer can be used in his ear to determine whether or not he is ill, if the light shows up Red then he will need some medicine and if it's Green then he is well. Also included is a Stethoscope and a syringe.

If the medicine doesn't work Cicciobello will need an injection which should have him feeling right as rain again. 

This is such a cute doll and every little girl or boys dream come true. I look after three little girls aged 2-4 years old who love playing doctors together, they have a doctor kit and each take it in turns to be the doctor. Young children love playing doctor roles, a baby doll like Cicciobello love 'n care is great for teaching children the importance of a doctors role and caring for others.
Definitely one for the Christmas wish list!

Cicciobello Love n Care costs around £59.99 and is available from Smyths Toy Store

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