Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I'm a Mum - What does the future hold for my hair?

 I was recently browsing through some older photographs of myself, age around 21 or so. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't feeling a bit emotional about how much younger i looked in the photo's and how old and haggered i'm feeling now i'm a working mother of 3.

The thing that stood out most in these pictures was my Hair. My healthy looking, split end free, long, sleek, shiny and CLEAN hair! The kind of hair that has been washed and conditioned with the top brand products, blow dried and then straightened, and then probably combed through for half an hour. Freshly cut and styled and full of life.

Well, those days are gone! Now my hair meets a salon professional about once a year around Christmas time IF i'm lucky. The top branded products have been swapped for whatever the hell is on offer at the time. Blow drying doesn't exist in my world anymore and straighteners will come out of the drawer once a week! My hair looks tired and boring. The only thing i've got going for my hair right now is that it hasn't yet started to turn Grey! Although most days i feel as if it should be Grey.

I have noticed that each time i wash my hair i lose quite a lot when brushing it, I haven't noticed it thinning but i'm sure i could get a decent Hair transplant if i needed one!

For me, my hair is probably my most important feature. I feel confident when my hair is freshly washed and straightened. I have many days when there just isn't enough time and my hair is slapped back in a messy bun. I try to hide away on those days, walking fast paced away from the school after dropping the children off.

My kids are currently 10, 7 and 4 (4 year old not yet at school) and i work 4 full days a week, when i'm not working or sorting out the kids i'm usually doing housework or catching up with blog posts, there's not much time for me to have my head in a mirror anymore, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way.

There isn't any money left for me to have my roots done after paying out for my kids dance, drama and singing classes, but one day they will find their own way and there might actually be some time for me to take hours styling my hair, there might even be some left over money for me to have a cut and blow!

There's always that one mum standing in the playground who looks immaculate. Lovely clothes, high heels, hair to dye for! I don't know how they do it, if i ever find out i'll be sure to blog about it! But for now, i'm just one of those mums who looks like shes been dragged through a hedge backwards.... (see image below)  and i'm ok with it, 'cos i'm happy and so are my kids :-)

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