Friday, 29 September 2017

Why we start our day the Ready-Brek way

 We are a typical working class family, we have 2 primary school aged children and a 4 year old attending pre-school which he is still settling into, and by settling in i mean screaming his head off while putting his uniform on each morning and being dragged through the school gate (even after starting almost 6 months ago!) so yea...   you can imagine what our house looks like at 8am on a week day?

You'll often find the 2 girls sneakily loading up their tablets still in their PJ's when they are actually meant to already be dressed and eating Breakfast, our pre-school hating 4 year old will be in the kitchen throwing a mega tantrum because he wants a particular cereal which ran out the day before.

Then there's my other half, he's usually pretty calm in the morning, and why wouldn't he be? He gets himself ready and usually heads off to work right away, leaving me with the 3 little delights still in their PJ's at 8.30!

Oh and not forgetting our newest edition, Lola the Kitten. She can be found up on the table licking the left over Ready-Brek out of the kids bowls!

Our house is an embarrassment in the morning!  We're always 5 minutes late for school, even though we live just around the corner. To be completely honest, i don't really care if we're a few minutes late. What difference does it make? The things that matter most is that my children and clean and tidy, hair tied back nicely (to avoid the lovely lice infestation!) and tummies nice and full.

My children are quite fussy eaters, if i make them Toast then you can guarantee the plates of toast will still be on the table with a bite or 2  taken out of each piece. This isn't going to keep them from being hungry in school. Lately we've been quite strict on what the children eat on a school morning, Ready Brek is their new favourite. I got them into Ready Brek because it seemed like a good healthy breakfast choice, it's rich in Calcium, rich in Vitamin D, has no added sugar or salt and is high in fibre, it's nice and filling too!! We have a fussy 7 year old who of course wasn't keen when she first tried it, but after telling her she could add some fruit to it she soon changed her mind :-)

Have you tried adding any of the following to your Ready Brek?
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Jam
This morning we let the girls try some new flavours in their Ready Brek. These are all really good choices and can really add some flavour. The girls both prefered the Syrup and Honey, not too keen on Cinnamon. Tomorrow we're going to try some different recipes with fruit so be sure to follow me on Facebook to see what the children think. Now we have 3 Ready Brek loving children, i don't have to worry about them at school, i know they're well fed and happy.

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