Saturday, 2 September 2017

Primary School - Then and Now

In just 3 days, my little precious ones will return to school after a lovely 6 week Summer break, how quick did that go by?!
Needless to say they're not really looking forward to returning to school, and why would they?
I remember being their age and dreading going back to school and starting a new class with a new teacher, it was the worst thing ever! So i know how they are feeling, especially my eldest as she will be starting year 6! She has only just turned 10 so is the youngest in her year, she finds that difficult and always has done. Our middle child is the complete opposite. She doesn't seem to mind school once she gets settled back into routine. Our youngest has 1 more year at pre-school then we will start all over again with him!

As we're all getting ready to send our kids back to school or to start school for the first time, I thought it would be good to write a post about what has changed in school since we were little, and if there's anything you can think of that i've not mentioned please share it in the comments below!

What has changed in schools since the 80's

Obviously quite a lot has changed, but we're not talking academically otherwise this would be a really long post. The ways schools are run is obviously now different to how they were back then, so lets keep it simple. What things stick out in your mind about your school that are absent from your children's school?

Apparatus and Fun P.E sessions

My favourite subject was always P.E at Primary school, i just loved climbing on the Apparatus and was really good at it. I would get to the very top and then climb over and down the other side. It was so fun, i have no memories of playing Tennis like my children's school does. There is an apparatus in their gym hall but it's never used anymore! I like to think that some schools do still use them.

More Breaks and Playtime

Break time was another favourite time of mine, I loved running around and playing hop skotch, the soft padded flooring and playground graphics were so much fun!  I remember having a morning break, a long break after lunch, and then a break in the afternoon. My kids tell me that they only have 2 breaks at school, i find that unfair, i really think kids need time to burn off their engery and enjoy the fresh hair.

Reading Books and Spelling Diary

I know most schools do still concentrate on reading and send books home with the children, i loved reading my books with my parents and moving up a new level. I find it sad that my kids school don't do this past year 2. It's an "outstanding" school so I have no idea why they choose not to let the children carry on moving up to higher levels and read at home with their parents? Luckily we have lots of books at home and my children do often read books at home.

What were your favouite things at school that are less popular in todays Schools?

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