Monday, 25 September 2017

In Review: Schleich Tractor with Trailor

Having a 4 year old boy who has always loved Tractors, you can imagine the amount of toy tractors we have been though? Quite a fair few....

K was obsessed with John Deere tractors when he had just turned 3, in fact he got bought 3 huge John Deere tractors from grandparents for his 3rd birthday! Now he has just turned 4 and the Tractor obsession has completely died down, however he still loves the odd Tractor or two!

We were recently sent a Schleich Tractor for K to try out, I didn't think he would think much of it as he's had so many tractors before, but i was wrong! This tractor he absolutely loved. I think it was because it comes with a very life like trailor, a driver,  Hay bales and a little Calf, very sweet!

The tractor moves along our wooden floor really well, the grooved tyres are so life like. The trailor stays connected even with K dragging it along the floor. The tractor doors open and close and there are even real mirrors.

This toy is built to last with it's windscreen and windows being made from break resistant plastic. It's great that you can keep adding to it with more realistic animals from the fantastic Schleich farm animal range. It means i'll never be stuck for birthday and christmas presents for little K!

Available from all good toy stores priced £49.99

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