Thursday, 17 August 2017

What's on My Summer Want List

 Now we're in August and the Summer is slowly slipping away, there was a lot of things i wanted to buy for the house and still haven't got round to doing it. Some of these things i may still be in the next week or so and some i'll buy in the end of Summer sales ready for next Summer. Either way, any kind of house shopping makes me a happy person! So...

Here's what i've been after... do let me know in the comments if you bought any of these recently and where the best deals are!

The best Barbeque we've ever owned is a £20 Bucket Barbeque from Argos, every Summer i say i'm going to buy a really big fancy one but it never happens, and so far this year it hasn't happened again! I'm not giving up yet though, here in Devon the weather can be lovely until mid-october. So if i buy a Barbeque now i'll still have plenty of time to get a lot of use out if it and then we'll put it away for next Summer and i won't need to worry about getting one!

I really like this Jumbuck Franklin Charcoal Barbeque from Homebase, and it's a really good price!

Another thing I say i'm going to get every Summer but never do, Black out Blins for the children's bedrooms. My little ones usually go to sleep really well, but through the summer months that hasn't been the case. The sunshine is still shining through their curtains at 9pm and they arn't going to sleep until an hour or 2 after they have been put to bed. This really sets me back as their bedtime is my only chill out time and the only time i get to write. So i've been having a look at the VELUX blackout energy blind online and i'm thinking we'll need to buy some pretty soon so we can all have some peace and quiet time!

Yankee candles have become my newest obsession, specially as we are about to become pet owners for the first time as a family. I was lucky enough to be asked to review some Yankee candles and they're really nice, summery scents. Like this Cuban Mojito candle which i'm loving! The sad thing is the candle has almost finished and i don't have any reserves, so i plan to go candle shopping really soon! It simply MUST be Yankee though, no others will do :-)

Have you bought anything you always wanted this Summer? Please let me know in the comments :-)
Thanks for Reading!

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