Saturday, 12 August 2017

In Review: Sylvanian Familes Pizza Delivery

 As you may know from previous reviews, my girls ages 7 and 10 are huge fans of Sylvanian Families. I have loved watching them play with their Sylvanian Families this Summer as it was always my favourite thing when i was little. I didn't have quite as much as what they had, i'm not sure if the collection was as big as it in now!

This Summer we added a new add on the our ever growing collection, a Pizza Delivery set.
I really like this one, it's probably one of my favourites. I love how realistic the Pizza looks and even the little Pizza Boxes you would expect to see when you order a Pizza!

The set comes with 1 figure, a delivery bike with Pizza Storage on the back, 2 take away pizza boxes, 3 pizzas and a sign post. The girls have had hours of fun with this set, it's great to add it on to the other food sets such as The Bakery or the Hotdog van.

Our 3 year old boy has also started playing with Sylvanian Families, although they belong to his sisters, he does occasionally sneak into their rooms to play with them, and i can't say no to him because he loves them? When i was younger i had a lot of friends who were boys, i don't think many of them would play with Sylvanian Families and i hope that's something that has changed! There isn't really anything "girly" about these toys and i hope little boys collect them and love them just like my girls do. I am hoping that they will pass their Sylvanians on to little K in the next few years so he can enjoy them all too :-)

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