Sunday, 20 August 2017

Great gift ideas for 4 year olds

 It's hard for me to believe that at the end of September my last baby will be turning 4 years old. It doesn't seem like he's been in our family for that long, I can remember being in hospital with him as if it was a few weeks ago!

Little K is much younger than his years, he doesn't act like a 4 year old. He has never really been into toys until now. He has always loved colouring in and playing with his Aqua-doodle play set and doing jigsaws. Now that he has started showing interest in toys i am really looking forward to buying some for his 4th Birthday.

All 3 of my children have been lovers of Peppa Pig, and it's amazing how many different Peppa Pig Play sets we've been through!
The newest Peppa House was sent to us to try out a few weeks ago, I give it to K to see if he played with it much. He played with it for the whole day!

This playset is just like the Peppa Pig family home you see on the TV episodes, each room is realistic and fun. There is a sitting room with a Sofa, a Kitchen with a Fridge that really opens, and a table and 4 chairs. Peppa and George's bedroom with Bunk beds and Toy basket, a Bathroom with a Shower, a study room with a computer desk and an attic room with a Trike. This playset only comes with 1 Peppa Pig figure, luckily we already have the rest of the Pig family to add to it.

There are so many lovely Peppa Pig playsets available and i am planning to get more for K's birthday to add to his little collection. We still have some of the older playsets from when A was little, these sets are around 8 years old and still going strong!

K also has the Peppa Pig campervan playset which his older sisters love to play with too!

Peppa pig play sets are great value, they can be passed down to younger children and the best thing about them is every birthday and Christmas there will be new playsets to add on! Which means you'll never be stuck for a gift.

If your little one isnt really into Peppa Pig, look at what other playsets are available. K also loves Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, we have bought him this lovely little playset and put it away for either his Birthday or Christmas, not sure which yet!

Thanks for Reading :-)

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