Sunday, 6 August 2017

Adventures of Summer - what we've been up to so far

 It's crazy to think we're 2 weeks into the Summer holidays already. I have so much planned to do and i know that we won't get to do all of it.
The main thing i wanted to focus on this summer is our 7 year old L learning to ride her bike, our eldest was 8 when she learnt to ride and so i thought if we get  L done by age 7, maybe we can get K done by age 6!
I know most of the children in reception class are already riding their bikes without stabilizers, it's probably down to the fact that their parents are keen riders and they spend their weekends riding as a family, something we rarely do!
If we get the bike riding thing sorted, i'll be sure to post about it so watch this space!

Here's what we've been up to so far this Summer holidays....

                                                        Baking, and lots of it!

My kids just love to bake Cakes, it's something that we hardly ever get to do during our busy school week, the girls do so much after school and next term is going to be even busier with A starting back at Stagecoach and taking up a new singing class, as well as their usual dance classes. There just isn't any time for quality mummy and children baking sessions like this, only the weekend really, which is gone in a flash. So we're making the most of it and baking non-stop!

Nature Walks

 Here in Devon, there are so many lovely places to walk, and the girls seem to really enjoy walking unlike myself! It's something i have to be talked into by Matt, usually!
I'm more for fun days out at theme parks, the zoo, all the more expensive kind of days out really! It would be great if we could afford to have days out like that all the time, but we can't! So we're saving that for later on in the holidays and using this time to do cheaper things. The children loved our recent walk along a stream in the woods, they got a bit muddy but they didn't care! It's so nice when children enjoy doing things like this and don't always expect to do things that are going to cost a lot.

                                                             Rowing lessons at the Beach

Last summer we discovered that our favourite local beach offer rowing lessons for children. We only found out because we happened to be there at the time the lessons started! It isn't advertised anywhere as i think they prefer to keep it as a local thing for the children attending the little school near to the Beach, but they were happy for us to sign our children up. Last week we remembered about the lessons on the beach and went along again, unfortunately our eldest wasn't so keen to row this time, but she enjoyed playing ball on the beach with us and little K loved playing in the sand. We're looking forward to going along again next week!

  Craft Workshop

This week i have been looking for something different for the children to do as the weather has been pretty awful! I found out that one of our local Theatre's were having some childrens workshops. I signed the girls up to the craft workshop and went along with my mother in law, who was happy to take little K for a play in the park while I stayed with the girls. It was good to do something different and didn't cost too much. It's always worth checking out things like the Theatre to find out if they're doing anything like this in the Summer Holidays.


We are very lucky to have 2 outdoor swimming pools near to where we live, we had never been to them before yesterday! We were invited to a family event which we do every summer, but this location was a first! All the children had a great time playing in the pool, and the adults had a great time catching up over a yummy Barbecue! Now we know how great this pool is we're definitely going to make more effort to visit in the summer months!

I'll be sure to update in a few weeks with our new adventures of Summer
Lets hope for some lovely weather!
Thanks for Reading :-)

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  1. Oh I'd love to take my kids rowing, but I think they just go a little bit hyper and falls in. lol! So typical of them. Sound like you had a really busy summer so far. Love to hear more about it. x