Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Siblings Project - July

 The summer months are flying by and it's not even Summer Holidays until next week. I can't believe how quick this school term has passed, and now my eldest baby will be in her final primary school year in just 7 weeks time! It's all happening so fast, sometimes i feel life should have a pause button, so we can enjoy our babies just a little bit longer. Every day i notice A becoming more independent, shes already asking for a mobile phone for her 10th birthday which i am not agreeing to!
Next term shes decided to do less dance and spend more time doing some vocal training, singing is her passion, shes so good at it and i think shes going to do really well her in new classes.

Our middle baby L is still very much our "baby" she still carries her little snuggle blanket around with her, she doesnt take it to school but asks me to bring it with me at school pick up, she feels no shame in her friends seeing her with her snuggly blanket when shes leaving school! That's how I know she will be my baby for quite a few more years. She's such a sweet, kind hearted little girl.

Our very last baby, who in my eyes is still only a little tiny baby! K will be turning 4 at the end of September, i'm so glad he misses out on school this term, because i get to keep him for another year and i feel he really needs that time to grow and learn more. He's still very young and has so much to learn, he hasn't even settled into his new pre-school yet!
It's hard to imagine what he will be like by next September, will he have changed much? Will he be ready to leave me for 6 hours every week day? It's hard to remember back to when his sisters started school, one thing i do remember is L's constant crying every morning going through those school gates, she hated school and now she loves it. Things always change with kids, the words "it's just a phase" goes round in my head every time K cries going into pre-school.

I can't wait to spend 6 whole weeks with all 3 of these guys together as a family. No school, work will be quieter and no dance classes. No doubt it will fly by but we're going to squeeze as many fun days out into these 6 weeks as possible.

                                                           Thanks for Reading :-)

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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