Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Summer Holiday Survival Guide for Parents

The summer Holidays are finally here for most of us, the kids are full of energy that they just need to let out, your home is completely trashed and it's only the first week! They have eaten most of the food in the house and you only picked up the shopping this morning! What are you going to do?! How will you survive?!
Keep calm, breathe, here's what you need to do to prepare yourself for Summer holiday Survival!!

Make sure you have a large supply of Coffee and Wine

If you're going to cope over the next 6 weeks you're going to need a secret stash of Wine an Chocolate, make sure the chocolate is hidden away safely from the little cupboard snoopers, even hide it away from your other half if need be? Don't feel bad, i always do it!
I'm not really a big wine drinker so i get by on Coffee, i need to make sure it doesn't run out over the next 6 weeks, 'cos it's the only thing that will get me through!!

Look into school holiday clubs

If you need some childcare or just a break from the little buggers, try looking into what holiday clubs and play schemes are in your area. I have come across 2 in our town, i haven't ruled out the idea yet!

Do your Shopping online

Taking my children to a supermarket is a big no no! I have done it in the past and vowed never to do it again, ever! I always spend more money than i needed to and i come away feeling stressed and worn out! Why would anybody put themselves through this when you can have your shopping brought straight to your door? We used Tesco click and collect and usually do a small top up shop through the week. It works really well for us :-)

Plan your days wisely

Check the weather forcast for the week ahead and plan out your days. It's good to find out what each family member would like to do and make sure each person gets to do at least 1 thing that they really wanted to do over the holidays. It's good to budget your days out and make sure you don't over spend.

Have baking/craft days

There's sure to be some rainy days ahead of us. Prepare for the wet weather and visit Baker Ross and get yourself some fantastic value kiddy crafts. They always have sales on and will have something for each child to enjoy.

                   Enjoy your time with your children however you choose to spend it :-)
                                                        Thanks for reading!
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  1. Eek it is tough for us parents isn't it. I go to the library and ikea because it is not too financially damaging and it is a change of scenery. X #dreamteam