Thursday, 20 July 2017

Inside my daughters room

 L's bedroom is my favourite room in our house, it's every little girl's dream room. All her friends love to play in her room when they come over. It's fun, it's pretty and it's PINK!!
It's not always tidy of course... in fact, it's never tidy!  But tonight, for about 5 minutes... it was!
I took this opportunity to take a few pictures for this post.

L's room is spacious and cosy, it has built in wardrobes which saves a lot of space. 

I love the Ballerina theme, the day she stops loving Ballerina decor will be a very sad day!!

On top of the Bookcase is her little Fairy collection and a Picture frame from Disneyland Paris.

L  LOVES her Soft Princess collection from The Disney Store, she plays with them nearly every day!

This Doll's house is pretty huge and takes up a lot of space in her room, but she loves it and plays it quite often!

no Princess room is complete without lots of beautiful Disney Princess Dresses!

Last, the all important Cuddly collection! L just loves cuddly toys. No child's bedroom is complete without a million of these things laying around!

There isn't much i'd want to change about L's bedroom apart from her bed, there isn't anything wrong with her current bed, but after browsing children's bedroom furniture i came across the most beautiful beds for girls and i couldn't help but notice this bed

it's so pretty and elegant and would look great in L's room, it's on my "list of things to buy" which is of course a never ending list! The only problem with this bed is that we wouldn't be able to pass it down to our little man when he will be needing a single bed, but at such a decent price i wouldn't mind as i'm sure we would get quite a few years out of it anyway! Now just to convince the other half that we need this bed in our daughter's life!

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Oh that bed would fit her beautiful room perfectly. Love the rag doll
    On her bed reminds me of one I had when I was little. #DreamTeam

  2. Love all the disney princess dresses, just adds the perfect touch to your daughter's room #dreamteam