Monday, 31 July 2017

In Review: Cotbed Sprung Mattress from Kiddies Kingdom

 Being a typical 3rd child, our little boy has most unisex things passed down from his older sisters, so anything that can be used for a girl or boy, isn't nice and shiny and new for our little K. This includes his bed! The cotbed which K sleeps in has previously been used by his 9 and 7 year old sisters, so you can imagine the state it was end when he finally got it!
It's just a bed... does it really matter? I decided that no, it doesn't matter at all but it would be nice for K to have a nice new mattress at least!

So we ordered a 5" cotbed sprung mattress from a lovely little website called Kiddies Kingdom. The mattress arrived only a few days after placing my order, so needless to say i was really chuffed with the delivery process.

The quality of the mattress surprised me, i didn't expect much because it wasn't an expensive mattress. This mattress is perfect for children sleeping in a cotbed, i'd even say it's great for older children who may still be sleeping in a cot bed. It's big enough and springy enough to support bigger children, to be honest i think i'd be happy sleeping on it myself!

The mattress provides posture support and comfort, it's breathable yet water resistant with a removable cover, very useful to have one less thing to worry about if you have the occasional bed wetter!

K is loving his new mattress and has slept like a dream since having it!! Highly recommended if you're looking for a good quality toddler mattress without spending a silly amount of money!

                                                               Thanks for Reading :-)

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