Saturday, 8 July 2017

In Review: Cocktails and Food at Revolution Torquay

 Warning: This post may include images of amazingly scrumptious food that people who haven't had their Dinner  yet may find upsetting!

A couple of weeks ago my sister arranged a blogger meet up over in Torquay at Revolution, a lovely tastefully decorated bar that that serves amazing food at very reasonable prices!
I loved everything about the place and am already planning on taking my other half there as i felt really bad he had missed out!

Food quality is obviously the most important thing when dining out, but to me the waiting staff also have a very important role. I've been to so many bars and restaurants where the staff are just simply "not on it!"  The last restaurant we went to we had to wait an hour for our meals, and no apology was made when the food arrived! We figured the restaurant was under staffed as the stress levels seemed very high!

The staff at Revolution Torquay couldn't have been any nicer. They were friendly, approachable and generally just happy to help. There wasn't much waiting around either. They all seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing which makes a nice relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your time in.

I loved everything about this bar. The food was very good quality and the cocktails were amazing!!

We were treated to a selection of starters which were really nice

Unfortunately i'm not that adventurous with food so i went for plain and simple Steak and Chips with Peppercorn Sauce!  It was extremely yummy and cooked to perfection!
There was quite a lot of choice for Dessert, i went for Chocolate Brownies and Ice cream, my favourite!

We were brought a large selection of Cocktails to try, this was so much fun, especially as i haven't had a Cocktail in 2 years! I really enjoyed trying them and ordered one for myself. I decided to get "Pushing Daisies" this is not one to be shared! It was delicious, i loved pouring the alcohol over the Candy Floss which desolves into nothingness leaving behind a wafer Daisy!  So cute and delicious!!!

I would highly recommend Revolution Bar for a night out, meet up with friends or just somewhere to get a quick meal.

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