Sunday, 25 June 2017

In Review - Brio Police Transport Set

 A few weeks ago we were sent another Brio set, K has many Brio sets now, he started getting some for Christmas and Birthday presents when he was 2, now he's coming up to 4 so he has quite a few!! He did go through a phase and not playing with Trains anymore, so i was a little worried that he may not be interested in this set.

When we opened the box and set it up he was very keen to see what it did, now that he's older he can help put the track together correctly and he really enjoys doing this.

This set includes the wooden track, a magnetic crane, Police officer and Thief figure, and a train with wagon that contains gold. The gold hooks onto the crane when the train goes past.

K really loved seeing the gold hook onto the crane, it's very easy to do so he didn't get bored of it in a hurry and loved pushing the train around.

We haven't yet linked this set up to the others but when we do i know K will have a great time. The fun never ends when you have a good amount of Brio track and trains!

Every parent who owns a Brio set knows how well made, sturdy and built to last these sets are. I am planning to keep all our sets when K has grown out of them, to pass on to other children in the family. Being a childminder i find that all toddlers aged 18 months and over love playing with Brio. There is so much play value with a toy set like this, always one of our favourites.

The Brio Police Transport Set is on sale at all good toy stores priced around £29.99

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