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How to Give your Child a Birthday they won't forget

We all want to give our kids a special birthday every year but that is not always possible Family finances or personal circumstances may mean that we can only manage a low-key affair with lots of love and even more chocolate cake! However, every now and again we all really like to pull out all the stops and throw the birthday party of the year.
Parents often choose to throw a big birthday party just before their little one starts school as a way of saying farewell to nursery friends. They may do the same towards the end of primary school. Mixed gender parties are great fun and with a bit of thought, it is easy to come up with ideas that both boys and girls will enjoy.
Here are a few ideas for a spectacular birthday party that your child will never forget.
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Action and adventure birthday parties

Any parties that involve some sort of physical activity are always a big hit with boys and girls and are perfect for a mixed gender party. They require very little effort on the part of parents because professionals take care of organising the activity and ensuring safety.
Anything that involves driving will appeal to kids of all ages including teens. Go Karting is a perfect choice because it is suitable for children of all abilities in a range of karts. The kid’s circuit has electric fun karts which are just right for kids aged three to seven years old. Older kids can try out the larger circuit which is more challenging.

Laser game birthday parties

Children can have fantastic fun playing laser games. They are usually in an indoor arena with obstacles and places to hide. They have a gun that fires a light beam at opponents and a receiver (which may be a jacket or may be on the gun itself) that indicates when they have been hit. They work individually or as a team. The person with the most shots on target and who has been hit the least number of times is the winner. The kids get to use a mixture of skill and agility and the element of competition makes it even more exciting.

Themed birthday parties

Kids always appreciate a themed birthday party and join in with the spirit of the activity with gusto! Basing the party around a book or a film is always a good idea. You can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter theme as the books and films are loved by all kids. Dressing up is easy as there is so much inspiration in the films. Magic potions and gory concoctions can be the basis of the food and wizard-inspired games are perfect for entertainment.
All of the Roald Dahl books are also a great basis for a party but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is probably the most popular. Obviously, the party food will be chocolate based and dressing up can be based on wonderful characters from the book. Who would not want to dress up at Veruca Salt or Augustus Gloop!    

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