Friday, 14 July 2017

Glas-Denbury - Our First Family Festival

 Last weekend, Matt, myself and the children did something we've never done before! It was new, it was exciting, and it was a really good day out, we even had sunshine!!!

We attended a Music and Arts festival in a small Village called Denbury, the Festival is called Glas-Denbury, which i think is the most fantastic name!!!  I see this festival advertised every year and always think how good it looks, but most likely an adult only event.

Well, this year i decided to look into it, and i discovered that this wasn't an adult only event, it was actually family friendly, and even free entry for children under 12!

There was plenty for the children to see and do, magic shows, arts and craft Marquee's, inflatables, and even a huge disco dome! Each marquee had fun circus tricks and toys outside for children to play with as they please, A and L loved having a go of the Hula Hoops and little K found a giant cardboard rocket to paint!

The music was good but we didn't see much of it as the kids wanted to explore and run around. The food Market was really impressive, there was so much food to choose from. We had some lovely freshly made real Italian Pizza, some Thai noodles that tasted amazing, and the kids each had chocolate covered Crepes and Waffles, yum!

We arrived at the Festival at 2pm and stayed til 8pm, we saw the campers going back to their tents and caravans and the children asked "can we camp here too" unfortunately we couldn't but we have decided that next year when K will be a little bit older we will indeed try out camping! It's quite a long way off but i'm already looking forward to it!

The items on sale were all reasonable prices, A and L each bought a pretty flower hair band, L's was gold like the Snapchat one! We had our faces painted to get into the festival spirit, that was fun!
Everything about the festival was great and very well organised, we were even offered a wristband with our mobile numbers for the children just in case they got lost there. Luckily they didn't!

                                                  Find out more about Glas-denbury here

                                                               Thanks for reading :-)

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