Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ballet Rejection - why we won't be attending anymore auditions

 A is now almost 10 years old, a few weeks ago she attended her second Royal Ballet Audition. This was her last time auditioning for Junior Associates as next year she will be too old.
We waited weeks and weeks to find out if she had been offered a place, although this year i didn't find myself checking my emails every half hour like i remember doing last year, because i knew there wasn't much chance in her being successful. She's quite a good little dancer, but she suffers from anxiety and comes across as extremely shy, this unfortunately does affect her dancing. If A could dance in auditions and exams like she does as home when only family members are watching, she would stand a much better chance.

a couple of weeks before the Royal Ballet audition, A decided to audition for a Ballet production of Beauty and the Beast, the company were looking for young dancers aged from 7. As there were not many dancers auditioning i really thought this might be something that she would be successful at. It wasn't to be, we had an email to say the standard was very high and they would not be offering A a place in the production.

In total A has now auditioned for 4 ballet related productions and hasn't been successful in any, which i'm sure all comes down to her confidence. I find it really sad that a child who suffers with confidence issues can't be successful in ballet. I'm not saying that giving up on your dreams is the answer, of course it's not.
I tell A often that she needs to keep trying and not give up, but sadly she has given up. She doesn't seem interested in Ballet anymore, and i really can't blame her. Shes just a child wanting to have a chance with something that would most likely give her a huge confidence boost and amazing dance experience and stage presence. Now that the JA'S opportunities have ended i don't see her progressing with her ballet, and when she tells me she is thinking about giving up on Ballet I don't have the answers like i once did.

A has done Ballet since she was only 3 years old. It's been really difficult to see her losing interest and talk about giving up. I hope that she will decide to keep dancing but after all the rejection i can understand why shes losing interest. I won't be looking out for audition opportunities anymore, and i don't think she would
want to do anymore anyway.

A has recently decided that she would like to step away from dance and do more singing and drama, she used to do a lot when she was younger but gave it up to do more dance. I'm really looking forward to seeing how she gets on with it and hoping her confidence will begin to grow again.

I studied Performing Arts as a teenager and have always hoped my children will have an interest in it too. I see so much potential in A, even with her confidence issues. I've seen it all before in students on my course and i'm sure she can and will over come it.

Do you children enjoy dance and drama classes?  Have they attended auditions before?
I would love to hear from you with your experiences :-)
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