Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Perfect Ways to Record and Remember Your Children's Birthday Parties

When your little ones are growing up fast (sob); you feel like you want to record every single moment, word, and activity,  so you can play them all back when they’ve become teenagers and seem to live in their bedrooms. However, even though you might be an Instagram queen, you’re not going to be able to capture each and every thing that happens (double sob). Birthdays are the perfect milestone to remember, and regularly record; you and your family will be able to look back on the special parties that the kids enjoyed when they were growing up, and you can document all the changes life brings each year. The following are some ideas on how to capture the best moments and keep them safe for years to come.


Photo Fun

Obviously, the camera, or the camera on your smartphone, is one of the best ways to capture all those smiles and laughter, whether they’re being induced by the magician you hired or the fun desserts you made, that are being consumed at a fast rate. However, you could go one step further and make the photographs a part of the party fun. Hiring a photo booth, with costumes and accessories, is the perfect way to get all the party guests involved, no matter how old or young they are. You can take a look at Abacus Events for some ideas on prices and what you will get.

Set up photoshoots, of cake-smashes, or with birthday props are also becoming a popular option when it comes to recording your little one’s big day and might be something to consider. If you don’t want to spend the money on paying a photographer or hiring a booth, then you could create your own props for the party guests to pose with. Moustaches, glasses, and animal ears are all easy to create from coloured cardboard and are a cost-effective option to boot.

Keeping The Memories

Printing out your photos seems to be a dwindling process now that there are so many social media outlets to utilise. However, there’s nothing like an evening on the sofa looking through your family’s memories and special events. For some help on getting the perfect party print, take a look at the useful tips from Light Republic, so you’ll end up happy when they arrive at your door, or you go to pick them up. Making a specific photo album, or a scrapbook that’s dedicated to your children’s birthday party is another lovely way to ensure that you’ll always have a keepsake to reach for when you want to look back at happy times.

You can keep a printed napkin, or a ticket if they went to a show or event, and surround each photo with mementos and trinkets from the day; this will help give each year’s scrapbook a feeling of the time and era it was created. For even more scrapbooking tips, take a look here: http://thescrapbooker.co.uk/scrapbooking-101/. You’ll appreciate the extra effort you’ve made, as you and your kids will have some gorgeous photos and memories to look back on together. So why not give Instagram and Facebook a miss for this year’s parties, and get creative!

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