Monday, 19 June 2017

My behind the scenes visit to Mcdonalds

McDonalds has always been my favourite fast food Take away, and now i'm a mummy to 3 little darlings who just like me, love a good old Maccies!
I've heard all the horror stories about how poor the food quality is, how unclean the restaurant food prep areas are and basically just any old "if you eat it you'll die" crap!!

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Mcdonalds blogger event, to explore behind the scenes and check out all the new food ordering services, and even have a go at making my own Big Mac!
It was kind of like a mini dream come true if i'm honest? I don't attend many blogger events as i'm always so busy with work, my kids, after school dance classes and everything else, but for this event i made sure i was free to attend!

When I arrived at the New George Street  branch in Plymouth,  i was greeted by some lovely and very friendly members of staff. After meeting some other bloggers and a quick introduction, we were then taken around the restaurant to see the new food ordering kiosk and find out exactly how it all works. I didn't know anything about Mcdonalds having table service until this day, I felt really disappointed that my local Mcdonalds doesn't yet offer this!

This kiosk is amazing, so simple to use and just what a busy and quite demented at times mother of 3 needed in her life! Ordering food isn't easy when you have 3 impatient little monsters darlings round your feet, asking you 10,000 questions as you try to remember what they all wanted, what you wanted, who you even are?!

The large touch screen works really well for everyone, even for those with fussy little buggers who want their cheeseburger plain, you can easily request to remove or add sauces. You can add dips, you can even add sides that you may never have known existed! I never knew you could have a side salad with your big Mac meal!

The kiosk can be used by children or disabled customers by a simple click of a button that brings the menu and options lower to the screen. You can pay by card and for a nice easy life you can select the table service option where your food will be brought over to you!

Next we moved to the staff room were we were given an apron, a hat and hair net and our very own name badges before we entered the kitchen area to prepare our own Big Mac!
This is the part I had been waiting for!  We washed our hands and had a look around the kitchen, we even got to check out the walk in freezer!

The kitchen seemed calm and very clean. I was surprised to learn that all the food is made to order, there are no pre-made burgers waiting around to be bought like there used to be. In fact, when food is ordered, it is instantly made up, put down a shoot where it will be collected and bagged up within 45 seconds! Impressive!?

My big mac came out pretty well, I think i might just be naturally talented at burger prep?! :-)

There is so much I didn't know about Mcdonalds. I never knew how fresh the food actually is, I never knew that they use real eggs, and i never knew they were so environmental friendly, zero to landfill at Mcdonalds... who knew?!

I really enjoyed my behind the scenes experience at Mcdonalds and i'm so excited to see the new changes coming to the branches closest to me.

Many thanks to the Team and Dave Wynne, the owner of this and many other franchises.
I had such an enjoyable afternoon meeting new people and seeing how it all works. I was very impressed and loved telling my children all about it, they love playing "mcdonalds cafe" with the hat and apron that i let them have :-)

Find out more about Mcdonalds restaurants here 

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