Sunday, 28 May 2017

In Review: Noddy Toyland Detective App

 Recently, our 3 year old little boy has discovered some children's apps on my phone. They were there from before his big sisters got their own tablets and used to play on my phone. Now my boy thinks they're there for his entertainment and he can play on them whenever he likes, fair enough!!

Today I downloaded a new app for children, developed by multi award winners Kuato. I don't usually pay for children's apps but i had heard good things about this one and it was only £2.99 to purchase. I am looking for ways to help our little boy develop his language skills, he will only engage in a conversation if something is of interest to him. The new Noddy Toyland Detective game is bright and colourful and really fun for little ones. K was showing interest in the game and talking about it as he was playing it. Some may disagree and think that an app is not the best way to help with a toddlers speech and language skills, i've tried many things to help him engage in a conversation and this is the only thing that works well for us. I love seeing how excited he gets when he plays this game, i love hearing him ask for help if he doesn't know what to do, I think this app is great for little ones and worth every penny.

                                      Driving around as Noddy is our favourite part on this app!


Once you started the app you're immediately taken to a beautifully recreated 3D toyland, you are Noddy in his little yellow car, you can drive around Toyland to explore mini Games and Puzzles and meet all the Characters from Noddy.

Ask questions to uncover clues and solve mysteries with the "Who, What, Where" book.

Create musical masterpeices with the Pirate Band using simple tap and touch controls.

Follow Deltoids workout pattern to learn the ancient art of Deltoid-o!

Paint and Decorate Noddy's Car with colourful shapes and designs (this is K's favourite!)

You can choose the length of time your child plays for, receive email notifications when your child has created a new case for you to read.

                                                   The mini games are fun and easy to use

This lovely little App is sure to be a big hit even with children who have never watched Noddy! Download it and try it out with your tot at The App Store and GooglePlay

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