Monday, 16 February 2015

You're a new mum but you don't have to lose the woman you were

Once she has a child Mom gains a lot of things, but she also loses a lot too. She loses time to herself. She loses the ability to go, well, anywhere by herself. She loses the right to put herself first in any case. But just because she loses these things, it doesn’t mean she can’t retain little bits of her past life. It doesn’t mean she has to lose absolutely everything from her past. Below are a few areas that are generally taken away from a woman when she’s a new mom, and a few ways she can keep a hold of them.


As documented on this website, becoming healthier when you’re a mom with no time is doable. Even when you’re focussing all your efforts into ensuring that your son or daughter is healthy and developing as they should be, you can still squeeze a bit of ‘me time’ in. You can still find time to ensure that you, yourself are staying as healthy as can be. One way is make healthy meals as accessible as possible. To make a healthy meal you don’t have to slave over the oven for hours on end — you can simply make yourself a smoothie. By blending a nutritious smoothie together, namely a green smoothie, you are getting all of five-a-day — just like that! By throwing a load of healthy ingredients into your blender in the morning you are still allowing yourself a crucially healthy breakfast whilst still not cutting into your child’s breakfast time either. When you drink a green smoothie you are gaining a host of benefits. Weight loss is a much simpler task. Your immune system takes a most welcome boost. But best of all? You get all these things whilst still being able to devote most of your time to your child! There are other ways to fit healthy meals into busy schedules, one of which is to plan meals in advance. After a hectic day the last thing you want to do is to cook a healthy meal, especially if your child has decided to kick up a fuss at that particular moment. By preparing meals in advance and storing them safely in the fridge throughout the day you can still get a healthy meal without having to make it there and then.
Social Life

You can have a social life when you have a baby. That much is for certain. But your social life won’t be the same, so you shouldn’t expect it to be. As long as you go into the venture of having fun knowing that things are different now to the way they were before you fell pregnant, you will be fine. One very important thing to remember is that you will probably be constantly thinking about your child when you're out with your friends. You’ll probably be thinking about their safety, even if you know you have left them in safe hands. Because of this you could try combining both aspects of your life. Who’s to say you ever need to have your child looked after whilst you go out? Who’s to say you can’t combine your role as a mother with your desire to maintain a social life? Who’s to say you can’t have some summertime fun in your garden with both your children and your friends? You could have a barbecue in your garden with a few friends this summer (weather permitting, of course) and allow your child to enjoy the delights of the outside world. That way you are combining both aspects of your life in a healthy and fruitful way for all. You should never feel guilty for wanting to retain a good social life when you're a mother. There’s nothing wrong with that. It would be bad however if you allowed your wanting for a social life to lead you to neglecting your role as a mom. There’s a threshold. There’s a line that separates a mother who just wishes to retain some of her past and a mother who goes out too many times to have too much fun. Don’t be the latter. Don’t cross that line.

So, even when you're a mom it doesn’t mean you need to be any less the woman you used to be. It does however mean that you have to take different approaches in life to be that woman.

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