Saturday, 11 April 2015

Why being an Auntie is the best!

They say it takes a whole village to raise a baby. We might not have the village set-up anymore, but we do have families. If you have a sister or brother with a new baby, you could very quickly become one of the most important and valued people in their life. And it’s a lot of fun, too. Here’s why being an auntie really is great!

You get appreciated like new before
It can feel easy to get left out initially. Parents with a newborn don’t exactly have the freest of schedules. However, by helping change that occasionally, you can become immediately invaluable to them. Babysitting an infant gives you some treasured time to form that fledgling bond with your new niece of nephew. For parents, it’s a constant task, worry, and struggle. But for aunt, it’s rarely anything but a treat.
What’s adorable to you is a godsend to them
You’re probably going to spoil your niece or nephew. There’s little helping it. When that switch turns, you just imagine all the adorable things you can help with. Parents have their hands full and their wallets emptied buying nappies, bottles, and all the other resources the baby seems intent on burning through. Meaning that any gorgeous and unique baby clothes you can’t wait to see your niece or nephew in might just be the thing they’re hoping for. It’s a good idea to coordinate a gift list with the parents of course. If you can give the baby something brilliant while making sure it’s something they need, you’ll be a huge help.
You can be the cool one
Aunties provide a different sort of figure in a growing child’s life. Their mom might very well be their best friend, but you can be a cool, alternative source of support for them. You can be there for them to confide with, to help them get into hobbies, and to just adore. It’s a position of some responsibility, however, and it’s not unheard of for alienation to occur because of overstepping bounds. But you can clear all those worries away by making sure you know the parents’ minds and supporting their decisions at all times, not contradicting them.
Rediscovering play
Another way you can take one more hassle off the parents’ plate is by getting more involved with the play that your growing niece or nephew are likely always hassling them for. Discovering the most fun ways to play with them helps you get to know the little developing person a lot better. You can come up with all sorts of fun ways to do it, but you had better believe that the boundless creativity and energy of a child will lead the way without any issue whatsoever. It’s a great way to discover the playful, shamelessly joyful side of yourself you might not have been in touch with for a while.
The best aunties are the ones who are a big part of not just the new arrival’s life, but of the parents’, as well. With all of you banded together, there are few better starts that a new baby could hope for.

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