Saturday, 27 May 2017

Our week at Butlins Minehed

 The week before last we took a short break to Butlins, we had been the previous year and the kids had a great time, so we decided to sneak back there for a few days!
The Weather was awful, we had nothing but down pours for 3 of the 5 days we were there, I had already checked the weather forecast so luckily i managed to buy the kids some new waterproof jackets and brollys! We were all prepared for a lovely week of fun in the.... rain!

What i love about Butlins is that it really doesn't matter what the weather is doing. Sure it helps to have a bit of sunshine, it makes everything look nicer, but the lousy weather didn't stop us from having some fun family time together, much needed after so much rushing around back home, stressful school runs, ballet, work.

Each day spent at Butlins was amazing. It was great to see our littlest one having so much fun watching the Teletubbies and clapping along to Billy and Bonnie bear on the stage.

I find Butlins to be the perfect place for a little holiday with children of different ages. Even with the youngest being only 3 and the eldest being 9, we found so much for them to do each day.

One of my favourite things about Butlins Minehead is how clean the resort is. There are always cleaners in the loo's almost every time you go in there. It's never hard to find a clean table to sit at in the Skyline Pavilion. There is so much choice when it comes to eating, the restaurants are all really nice and very well priced.

This was our first time staying in the new west lakes Chalet, we were all really surprised at just how nice our accommodation was compared to last year when we stayed in a run down tatty old apartment. Matt and I both agreed that we won't be staying in anything other than a new Chalet next time we visit Butlins!

If you're a young family thinking of booking Butlins this year, my advice to you is go for it, you won't regret it :-)

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