Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me and Mine Project - May

 It's been so long since i snapped a decent family photo, I do try but it just never works out! I see other bloggers managing it with more kids than we have and even young babies looking at the camera, hats off to them! I'm really not very good at getting my kids to all look at the camera and look even slightly happy all at the same time! But when I do manage to get a perfect photo, there will be a Me and Mine post that month!!

May was our lucky month, we recently had a lovely family break at Butlins, the kids were so happy and laughing and smiling plenty, perfect photo opportunities! That's where we captured this family photo of everyone looking at the camera! I won't lie... this was attempt number 14!!!

Today my Instagram has been flooded with beautiful sunny beach day pictures, cheeky smiles in the sun, holiday pictures and everything Summer. I can hardly believe that tomorrow in June 1st. Summer days are here and now it's count down to Summer Holidays, 6 weeks of madness with all 3 monkeys at home, will we survive it?! Who knows!!

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  1. Oh your family trip to Butlins sounds ace. We have never been but we have it on our list to do someday with the kids. Glad you had a good month. Hope June is just as good. #meandmineproject