Friday, 17 April 2015

Great ways to teach your children to recycle

Every day we walk the streets and see litter on the floor. In our homes, despite our best efforts to recycle, we may see our child throwing paper, plastic bottles and drink cans into the garbage. It is time to make a difference, teach our children the benefits of recycling and make an effort to be environmentally friendly.

Educate your child

Education begins with you. From a very young age, your child is looking to your behaviour as the example in how they should conduct their lives. Therefore, you should show responsibility in the items you throw away. Companies like will get rid of your genuine garbage, but recyclable items should always be placed into the correct bins for safe removal.

From an early age, advocate the need to look after our world. Explain the consequences on the world around us when we don’t. For example, the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our seas is harmful to marine wildlife. Animals can be cut by the sharp metal of discarded metal cans. They can also confuse waste with food, causing them to choke or suffer the effects of poisoning. Then, of course, are the issues surrounding pollution, the impact waste has on our atmosphere, and the crippling effect on our ecosystems.

There are many books available that you can share with your child, as well as a plethora of online videos and interactive games that can teach your child their responsibility in looking after the world around them.

Create opportunities

You should have recycling bins on your property, but encourage your children to have shoe boxes in their room. Not only is this an excellent craft opportunity, by painting and decorating the boxes, but you are recycling cardboard to be used as miniature containers for your children’s waste. As with your outdoor bins, paint each of them a different colour to represent a particular material.

Be creative

Children’s toys can be expensive, but you may have noticed the unbridled imagination kids have in using household items such as cardboard rolls and paper plates in their daily play. There are many craft ideas using recyclable material, so take a look online. For starters, make animal masks from paper plates, rocket ships with plastic bottles, miniature villages with old cereal boxes and garden decorations with glass jars. These ideas are perfect for rainy days, will provide your children with a lot of fun, give you some great bonding time, and save you money in the process.

Give to others

There will come a time when your child outgrows his clothes, books and toys. Provided they are in good condition; it would be a shame to throw them away. There are specific recycling bins for clothing, and there are many places which would benefit from used books and toys, including schools, hospitals and charities. Ask your child their opinion on where these items should go, and share in the reward that you are making a difference to somebody else's life.

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