Sunday, 8 February 2015

Future Hassles you can spare the kids from right now

We all have habits and not all of them are going to be particularly pleasant. But have you ever thought about where they come from? The likelihood is most of them sprung from when you were still very young. What we pick up when we’re kids, we tend to carry for a long time until we become mindful of them. And that’s a long, difficult process. You can help your kids avoid them now by taking charge and teaching them much better habits instead.

Freaking out
Before we focus on the physical side, we’re going to look at some of the lesser explored psychological bad habits. Kids are growing up in more danger of stress and anxiety than ever before. Their methods of handling difficult situations and their emotions are shaped by their environment. The more you freak out, the more you criticize and the more you overreact to even simple mistakes, the higher a state of tension your child will naturally grow into.
Dental embarrassment
It’s only one of the many ways we care about our children’s health but for a lot of people, good teeth are central to good self-confidence. They don’t recognize that yet, so it’s important that you’re there to make sure that they’re taking care of their teeth every morning and every night. If you relax and let them ease off of the dental hygiene, it’s all too easy for them to just let it slip entirely because it’s not yet a priority for them. But that can lead to a lifetime of dental issues and dramatically damaged self-esteem.
Bad nutrition
More vital than oral health is eating and drinking well. Kids don’t learn bad eating habits. Parents teach them by indulging them. For instance, it’s a lot easier to keep away from sugary drinks when you’re older if you’ve grown up being used to drinking water. With things like CamelBak kids bottles, it’s a lot easier to make sure they’re properly hydrating no matter where you take them, as well. The same goes for how they eat. If you don’t give them artificial sugars, they won’t crave them when they’re older. If you schedule their meals instead of letting them graze through the day, they won’t take that habit with them, either.
No money sense
This is by far the concern that is least addressed by parents. Kids don’t know about money and don’t grow up knowing about it. Throughout school, they won’t be taught about credit, about debt or about overdrafts which means they’re all at risk from learning by some very harmful mistakes. As soon as they’re old enough to start understanding saving, loans, jobs, and the like, you should be there to teach them. An allowance for chores is always a good place to start from.
Kids who grow up eating and drinking well aren’t going to have a lifetime of comfort eating to refer back to. Kids who have experienced people handling their emotions responsibly and keeping control are going to follow their lead. It’s all about what you teach them now so make sure you’re not teaching some seriously harmful habits.  

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