Monday, 27 April 2015

Baby Gifts The Mums Will Actually Use

If you’re surrounded by friends who are having kids, you want to make sure each of them gets something special. But the truth is that a lot of baby gifts just don’t really work. If you’re wondering about what kind of gifts to get a baby, the best person to really consider is the mum. Here, we’ll look at the best gifts depending on what type of mum, exactly, they are.

The mum that’s always on the go
There’s a stereotype that life slows down a lot when you have a baby. True, for a lot of people, it does ground them. However, there are plenty of mums always on the move, too, and always with baby in tow. For those mums, the Cub Bag makes it a lot easier to get around and to feed the baby without having to make a whole song and dance about it. When not being used to feed or hold the baby, it also serves as great, comfortable storage for all their little essentials, too.
The mum that’s always two steps ahead
There are some gifts that you just have to be prepared for when you’re a new mum. You’re likely to get at least three blankets out of it, to start off with. You’re also likely to get clothes that the baby will look cute in right now. But if you have a friend who likes making sure the future is all prepared for, then they’re going to appreciate clothes the baby might not quite be able to wear just yet. There are lists of essentials that cover all the different age ranges that the baby is likely to need clothes for. Why not help build their future wardrobe as well as the current one?
The mum that’s always trendy
For some mums, the baby isn’t just the light of their life but another opportunity to get fashionable. Who doesn’t love making their baby look adorable? For those mums, amongst the hottest trending items are Saffron Bells. Accessories for babies are becoming all the rage not just because they look gorgeous and make the baby jingle every time it moves. We’re used to the idea of accessories being emotionally valuable and it gives the parents something to remind themselves of those precious first days for a long time in the future.
The mum that is a huge softie
We all have them (and occasionally, we are them). Some ladies really get choked up over a meaningful gesture and even over gestures that aren’t quite intended to be so meaningful. If your friend turns into an emotional wreck every time something touching happens, then you can reduce her to a puddle of tears with a plaster outprint for their baby’s hand or foot. Just expect to get all of the teary hugs.

How useful or how valued a gift is going to be will always depend on the parents who will or won’t use it. Hopefully, this article’s given you a starting point to finding the gift that’s really going to work for the whole family.

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