Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So you're pregnant.. what now?

Here's a guide on what to do when you find out you're having a baby.

Who can I tell?!

You've just found you're going to be having a baby - congratulations!! Although you're going to want to tell everyone you know, try and wait until the first trimester is over. As hard as that may be, the baby is the most vulnerable during the first 12 weeks, and you wouldn't want to have to be the bearer of bad news if something goes wrong.
Think of it this way; it gives you time to think of how you want to reveal the news to everyone! You know a secret no one else does remember!

Document the journey

Buy (or make) a pregnancy journal. They will include questions about how you're feeling and what has started to change. Doing this not only gets you excited but it's something wonderful to look back on in the future, especially for your own child to read one day. Take lots of pictures too! Try taking a photo every two or three weeks. In time you will begin to see your belly start to grow.

Lotion up that body

Use lotion everywhere! - Not just on your belly. Stretch marks are completely normal when you're pregnant, but that doesn't mean you have to just sit back and accept it. Some women get them around their thighs and butt, as well as their tummy, so cover yourself head to toe and start early. It will be worth it!

Keep active

It's always important to stay fit and healthy, let alone when you're pregnant! Your body is going through a lot of changes so the healthier you are - the better. Working out through your pregnancy will also make it easier for you to shift the weight once you've had your baby, because your body will be used to it.
The bigger your belly starts to get, the harder everything will become, so something like pilates or yoga is a great way of keeping fit physically and mentally. It will also ease the lower back pain while pregnant.

Get shopping for clothes that fit!

You don't want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes because you probably won't be wearing them all the time. You will only use them for the last few months of your pregnancy.
Try on a bunch of different stuff and just see what you feel comfortable in; that's your top priority. The way it looks comes after that!

Baby products

Do your research first and read lots of reviews, especially for the bigger things like car seats, cribs, and strollers. There are plenty of forums out there for Mommy's which are extremely useful, so have a browse online and see what you can find.

Write it down

Make a list of things that you need to do before and after your baby is born. Your memory won't be the best later on in your pregnancy because you will be thinking about so many different things. So jot it down and then cross it off when it's done. And don’t forget your hospital bag!

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