Saturday, 22 April 2017

Kids keep Smiling like they mean it

Every parent knows that children hate the dentist. They hate going, they hate preparing, they hate everything about it. If you have a child, who doesn’t mind it or even looks forward to it, just know you’re luckier than most. The rest of us have to think of ways to ensure that our children look after their teeth and keep their smiles healthy. So, let’s look at what you need to do, some things that will make it easier and the possible challenges that lie ahead?

You’re A Smart Toothbrush, I’m A Cool Toothbrush

If you want to encourage kids to brush their teeth, you might want to try making it more fun for them. You can get themed toothbrushes that kids are going to absolutely love. For instance, you can get brushes that look like the lightsabers from Star Wars or ones with their favorite Disney characters. If you buy them a brush like this, you might find that they actually start to look forward to brushing. Unfortunately, no one has come up with a fun way to floss just yet so you’re on your own with that one.

You might also want to think about getting them a smart toothbrush. Kids love tech, and a smart toothbrush will tell them how long they need to brush for. So, you can avoid the ten-second trick that most kids use when they’re asked to brush their teeth.

Brace Yourself For Braces

As your kids reach tweens, you might start to think about getting them braces. Braces are a nightmare for kids because they immediately make them feel uncomfortable about smiling. It also makes them feel like they stand out at school. To avoid this, you might want to try Invisalign, provided by places like Tioga Orthodontics.

The clue to how these braces work is in the name. They are completely invisible, and even you would have a hard time seeing that your kids are wearing them. You might find that services like this are only available if the teeth don’t need too much adjustment. However, there are plenty of other options for braces that aren’t quite as intrusive and make kids feel a lot more comfortable.

An extra tip about braces is to push kids to keep wearing their retainer long after the braces come off. Otherwise, the teeth will start to look less straight and gradually revert back to the way they were.

Finding The Right Dentist

Finding the right dentist can help parents avoid trips to the dentist becoming an absolute nightmare. The best dentists know how much they are loathed by children and actually account for this. They do everything they can to help kids feel happy and comfortable, making it more fun and relaxing for them. You’ll usually find some information about this on their site so make sure you check. Your child will probably never look forward to the dentist but find the right practice, and you might just avoid the tantrums. If not, well, there’s always bribery?

I hope you find this advice useful when keeping your kid’s smile bright and their teeth healthy.

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