Tuesday, 13 June 2017

In Review: Sylvanian Families Classic Furniture Set

 Last month we were sent a lovely add on Sylvanian Families set. A classic Furniture set to go inside the Cosy Cottage starter Home.
Amelie, 9 and Lottie, 7 are really big fans of Sylvanian Families. I love how Amelie hasn't yet grown out of these adorable little play sets. In fact, i really don't think she will be growing of out play sets anytime soon!

This set is perfect for any young collector starting out. It includes:

1 Bunny
a Fridge/Freezer with accessories
A Piano and stool
A desk and chair with accessories
a book storage unit with accessories

Some of the accessories are quite dinky, as are most things in the world of Sylvanians. I love the little books, the tiny little ice tray for the Freezer, the globe, the classic telephone. It all adds to the fun of Sylvanians.

The fridge/Freezer is probably my favourite thing from this set. It's just so real!
All the furniture fits perfectly inside the Cosy Cottage, which luckily Lottie received for her Birthday last month!

Its just how i remember it from when I was little. Fun and realistic!
When my girls get a new Sylvanian Families set i feel so excited to open it just as I did when i was little!

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