Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Beautifully Sentimental Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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There’s nothing sweeter than a new baby being brought into the world. For some mothers, a baby shower before they arrive is one of the most exciting milestones they can achieve. It’s not down to the presents, it’s due to the feeling of love from all friends and family in one place, celebrating this tiny scrap of life.
A baby shower is a wonderful party to attend, and celebrating a new baby is fun – as is shopping for one! Some baby showers are accompanied with a gift registry for the guests to choose from, making gift-giving easier. Others are a little more difficult and while it’s easy to buy baby clothes and practical things like diapers and wipes, there are more unique baby shower gifts out there that carry more sentimentality than others. It’s different buying for a new born baby instead of a teenager, and it can be far more fun! In this gift list, you can choose a beautiful present for the new baby that the mother will adore:
Handmade Gifts: Blankets, hats, booties – you name it, you can make it. Handmade gifts always come with a lot of sentimentality as there was a lot of time and effort put into them for the new baby. YouTube tutorials like this one can teach you how to make your own blanket for the baby shower!
Gift Certificates: It can be really hard not to duplicate a gift at a baby shower as everyone has the same ideas. You can avoid this with a gift certificate. It may feel unoriginal or boring, but don’t forget that it can be the easy idea for new parents to have some control over the clothes and decorations they want. You can also create memories by giving them a certificate to a new born photoshoot, which is an incredible experience for the family.
Mom Gifts: Baby showers may be geared towards the celebration of the new baby, but what about mom? Putting together a thoughtful basket of things for mom to use at the hospital and in those early, exhaustion-filled days is one way straight to her heart. Go one better and pay for a deep clean for her house right before she’s due – you won’t be thanked enough!
Bedding Gifts: Blankets for babies can be expensive, but they are an essential. Help the new parents cut the costs and buy some beautiful bedding bales or personalized photo blankets with their pictures on it. Being able to wrap up during the night feed in a blanket, or using it to swaddle the new baby makes blanket a very versatile gift.
Lasting Gifts: It’s nice to give onesies for a new baby, but if they have signed up for a book registry instead of one at a baby store you will end up buying books spanning from fairy tales to adventure stories. Every child needs a great library to carry them to teenage years, and you can be a part of that. A book is a wonderful gift to give, and it lasts.
Baby showers are full of amazing presents, and if you give one that will hold some memory, you’ll be forever thanked. Feel good with your gift-giving and make a difference to the new parents!

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