Friday, 17 March 2017

Our Rusty Rivets Twitter Party

 If you missed yesterdays Rusty Rivets Twitter social event, then you won't have seen any of the fun activities the children and I took part in.  Don't worry! There will be plenty more twitter social events to get involved with and win goodies. Here are some of the activities we were sent for our Twitter Event.

Rusty Rivets - A brand new TV Series on Nick Jr

First of all, we sat the children down to watch the brand new TV series on Nick Jr, Rusty Rivets. Rusty Rivets is a brand new TV show which has just started on Nick. Jr about young inventor called Rusty, and his team of Robots!
This new interactive show will definitely be a big hit with your little ones!

After watching the TV show we then gave out some Rusty Rivets colouring and activity sheets. The children did a great job at colouring in.

Next was our amazing Robot creations. The children paired up to make Robots, This actually took up most of our party time, they really got into it and wanted to take their time.

This activity was fun and not too messy at all!
If you would like to have a go at making a Robot with your little ones, all you will need is:

A small box (Body)
Paper/Polystyrene bowl (Head)
Paper Cups (Arms)
Pipe Cleaners 
Coloured sticks
Some decorations to stick on, or they could use pens or paint to decorate, depending on how messy you ant to get!

Next we played a game of Memory using the Rusty Rivets cards that were sent to us. This was great fun, and Lottie was really happy to win the game as it was her actual Birthday!

After some refreshments it was nearly time for our Twitter event to come to an end, but we had just about enough time to squeeze in a Treasure Hunt and a game of construction using sticks and play-doh. This was a lot more difficult than it looks!

Make sure you are following on Twitter to keep up to date with what Twitter party events are coming up. There are always plenty of prizes to be won and fun activities to get involved with at home!

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