Friday, 10 March 2017

Luxurious Baby Gifts to Treat new Parents

When a friend or family member finds out they’re expecting a baby it’s always an exciting time. And if you’re close to them, chances are you’ll want to buy a nice present to help them out and also treat them and the new baby. If you have a little more money to spend and fancy going for something luxurious, here are just a few options you could consider.

Luxury Hamper
Shops like The White Company and Harrods do incredible luxury hampers for babies. These range in price with the top hampers costing hundreds- but they are beautiful! They can contain everything from photo frames, birth certificate holders, gorgeous soft toys, blankets and so much more. They’re especially nice as instead of one gift you have a mixture of different items all bundled up in a pretty wicker basket. You could even put together your own luxury hamper with items you think the new parents will love and need.

Designer Baby Clothes
Did you know that a lot of your favourite clothing designers do adorable lines for children too? You can get everything from Gucci to Dior to Fendi baby clothes. These are beautifully made just like you’d expect from a high-end brand, and make the perfect luxurious treat for a new parent. Ideal for baby photo shoots, and something that’s well worth keeping to look back on in years to come. Baby’s first designer outfit- how cute!


A Piece of Furniture
Nursery furniture can be pricey if you know the expectant parents are in the process of putting together the baby’s room why not help out here? A beautiful changing table or crib could make a wonderful present and is something that’s going to be used and appreciated. If they have something picked out already, you could cover the cost as your gift to them.

A Pram
Another item that’s expensive for new parents to buy is a pram. Again you could offer to buy this as a gift or cover the cost of one they have their eye on. You can get some really beautiful luxury prams, from the super modern to absolutely stunning vintage style pieces that are like works of art! As with clothing, designer brands like Versace and even Aston Martin have prams in their range! They will cost a pretty penny, but if you’re pushing the boat out and want to go with luxury, then you won’t be short on choice.


When it comes to gifts, it really is the thought that counts not the amount spent. However, if you do want to treat the new parents, it’s sure to be appreciated and could well help them out in what’s already a very expensive time! If you have a bigger budget to play with and you want to go with something a little higher end then go for it, just be sure to have a chat with the parents first to find out what they need or want.

What do you think would make a great luxury gift for new parents?

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