Sunday, 12 March 2017

In Review: Puppy Surprise

This is by far the cutest soft toy ever made. I had one of these when i was a little girl, and i still have the mummy dog now, unfortunately the pups were all lost over time! When i saw that Puppy Surprise had made a come back I just had to have one for my girls!

The best thing about Puppy Surprise is that you don't know how many puppies there will be tucked away inside mummy dogs tummy! How many Girls and how many Boys? It's almost as exciting as a real pregnancy!!!

This soft adorable dog gave me hours of entertainment and plenty of nighttime cuddles with all its cute puppies (I think i had around 4 pups inside mine?) and now my girls can share this magic too with their very own Rainbow coloured Puppy Surprise!

Of course the new modern day Puppy Surprise is bigger and better than the one I had. It wasn't available in these lovely colours back then. I was surprised to see that one of Amelie and Lotties little puppies made actual puppy sounds when you squeeze him. So adorable! Mine never did this!!

Puppy Surprise comes with 1 mummy dog and up to 5 surprise baby pups tucked away inside Mummy dogs tummy, each with a sparkly collar and brushable hair and tails.
Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years
Available from all good toy stores.
    Priced £27.99

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