Monday, 13 March 2017

Great Ideas for Family Days Out

While it can certainly be challenging to find the time to connect and make memories as a family, doing this is very important. Spending more time with their family will raise a child’s self-esteem, help their social development, and forge stronger bonds with their parents. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for family days out, here are a few you may not have considered…
Geocache Treasure Hunt
If you’ve never heard of Geocaching before, it’s basically an outdoor treasure hunt where the aim is to find caches (little plastic containers) that other people have hidden. All you have to do is get onto the official website to start looking for caches in your local area. Then, you can use any smartphone with GPS tracking to go out and find these little treasures, usually stashed behind a rock, in a hollow tree, under a bench or in some other hiding place. The caches typically contain little token trinkets, and log books where you can record when you made the discovery and where you’re from. If you take one of the trinkets from the cache, you have to put one back, which will teach your kids about giving, not just receiving. This will not only get your kids away from their screens, but also give you an excuse for a little more fresh air and exercise, and a new way to have fun without breaking the bank.
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This is another one which the whole family can have a go at, and a great way to bring everyone in your household closer together. While this is still seen as more of a boys’ activity, your daughters are sure to have a great time with it as well. The country is full of courses like the one at Brentwood Karting, and deals that will let the whole family get in on the action for less. Go-karting is usually as much fun for mum and dad as it is for the kids, and seen as you’re inexperienced, you’re sure to have a few laughs while you all try to get used to your karts! While there have been go karting injuries, these are extremely rare, and safety standards are always going up. If you’re looking for a big adrenaline rush that will bring the whole family together, then you could do a lot worse than a day of go-karting.
Paint Pre-made Pottery
If you want a family activity that’s a little more slow-paced and manageable, and will spur on your kids’ creative sides, then why not take the whole clan to a do-it-yourself pottery painting studio? Many studios like Hazle’s Pottery Barn sell pre-made pottery, such as mugs, tiles, frames, and vases, in a range of sizes, as well as paints and brushes. You don’t need to be a great artist to have fun with this, and come home with a wonderful memento that will last and last. After all, a vase with your kids’ handprints on it is going to be much more precious than anything you’d buy in your favourite home d├ęcor shop!

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