Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cool Kids Activities

One of the most important things that you can do for your children is to set aside some quality time to be with them while doing something they will enjoy. But when you are a busy parent, coming up with the ideas for this time can be difficult. Luckily, there are a few below to get you started. Who knows, if you try these, then maybe it will spark you or your little one's imagination, and you’ll think of even more cool things to do.


First of all, what kid doesn't absolutely love getting creative and artistic? In fact, this is one of the categories of cool things to do that can be almost never ending. As folks are always coming up with new ideas of things to paint, or draw, or new techniques to have a go at.


Super popular activities include colouring pages, self-portraits and even some hand and toe painting. That is if you don't mind a bit of a mess to clear up! You can bet the kids will certainly love the slightly anarchic nature of this activity too!


Then there is working with clay or plasticine, which is a wonderful way of helping them to develop their fine motors skills and perception. Try making models each other, or the family pets to start with, and see where your creativity takes you.


Another thing little ones love to do is to make some noise, as you probably already know! So why not take that energy, and focus it into something a bit more constructive?


Get some basic instruments, or just use clapping and singing to make up simple songs. Remember to let the kids have a go at this, because even little ones, first starting to use language can often come up with some hilarious ditties.

Of course, if you feel selfish for keeping all of this musical accomplishment to yourself, you can always use your phone to record an MP3 of your little one's masterpiece. Then send it to a company like Nationwide Disc replication to get copies made. So you can post them to grandma and the rest of the family, and they call all enjoy it too!

Make-Believe Play

Now while the last two suggestions have been more on the theoretical side of things, the next is a bit more fantastical.

It’s imagination, or make-believe play, and it's pretty much what kids do all the time when they are playing with their cars and dolls.

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