Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Working Mums Guide to Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are a challenging time for any parent. For six weeks or more, you need to think of summertime suggestions to keep the kids happy. For many of us, the best we can hope is that the weather is nice. For the working among us, things are even harder. The weather isn’t our only worry, as we consider how to navigate our work around childcare. Getting a babysitter for the whole holidays is often too pricey a solution to consider. And, who wants to do that? Every moment with your children is special, so you want to make the most of the time they’re out of school. But, how can you do that when you’re working full time?


One way around the problem is to save your holiday at work. Of course, few of us have the luxury of a six-week vacation package. But, spending all the time you have with your kids is better than nothing. Employers don’t love the idea of you taking all your holiday in one go. It may be worth spreading your time across the holiday season. If you do want to take it all at once, make sure to discuss this with your employer. At the end of the day, your kids come first. Any boss will understand that. But, the more notice you give, the better chance you have of getting the holiday you’re requesting. Remember, too, that all parents in your workplace will be angling for the same thing. Get in there first!


If holiday isn’t an option, see if you can change your work schedule. As long as you’re doing your job, your employer shouldn’t mind. If you work shifts, see if you can adjust them to a later time. Or, it may be possible to do your job at home for the duration. Think about what adjustments you would need to make to fit everything in. And, remember to give your boss plenty of notice!


Most parents don’t like the idea of sending their kids away. But, if you’re working, it could be best for everyone. Pick a camp that suits your child’s passion. You could opt for summer dance camps, or band camps. If they’re sporty, consider a camp that nurtures that. Choosing the right camp will ensure they have a fantastic time. It will also mean that you can rest easy and get on with your work.


This option may not buy you much time, but arranging playdates can take off some of the pressure. That’s not to say you can leave other parents to take care of your children. You have to be fair. The odd playdate will give you a chance to catch up on any work you’re behind with. It’ll also give your kids an opportunity to get out and have fun with friends. If they’re bored, they’ll start playing you up. Getting them out of the house wherever possible is your best bet.

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