Wednesday, 15 February 2017

We're Going On A Bear Hunt - Twitter Party 16th Feb

 This Thursday 16th Feb at 4pm.... We're going on a Bear Hunt!!!!!

Yes, we actually kind of are! There will be fun and games and prizes to be won on Twitter if you join in with the hashtag #BearHunt between 4-6pm this Thursday!

We are all very excited in the First Two then Blue household! Specially when this huge box of activities, goodies and prizes arrived!

Inside the box we have the Official We're going on A Bear Hunt story book and DVD and an official Bear from the story! He's so cute!

Here are the activities we will be doing:

First of all - we will be watching the DVD whilst munching some popcorn!

Quiz - The children will be asked questions from the quiz sheet after watching the DVD

Decorate a Bear Hunt Biscuit - There is a packet of digestive biscuits and chocolate and caramel icing pens for the children to use to decorate their biscuits. I think this will be their favourite activity!

Treasure Hunt - The children will search the house for their prize. This will go down well i'm sure!

Pin the Tail on the Bear - We have a bear poster and brown pom poms for his tail. The winner will receive a Book for their prize!

Make your own Bear Hunt Ears - Kier will love doing this, he loves anything crafty!

"I went on a Bear Hunt and I saw..." memory game - This sounds lots of fun! Each player takes it in turns to say "i went on a bear hunt and i saw..." then they make up something to say they saw. The next player must remember what the players before them said. The person who remembers the most is the winner!

Goodies Bags - at the end of the party each child receives a goody bag with sweeties included!

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