Monday, 20 February 2017

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Our Twitter Party

 Last week we hosted a "We're going on a Bear hunt" social media party across Twitter, this is the 4th time we have hosted a Twitter party, the children love them! Goody Bags, party games and activities, whats not to love really?!

In case you missed you, here's what we got up to!

First of all we watched the brand new DVD we're going on a Bear hunt. We've read the story book about 100 times so i was quite excited to see what the film was like!
The children sat down with their bags of Popcorn, as you can see they were well and truly into the film!
I was too, I love the animation and the characters are so cheerful and fun. I found some parts quite emotional though, as did my 6 year old Lottie. She was in floods of tears by the end of the film. I think she felt sorry for the Bear and wished he and the little girl could have become inseparable best friends! I was hoping for that too but that wouldn't be very realistic, would it?

Lottie soon wiped her tears away when i told her we would start our questionnaire and find out who was paying attention to the film! The person with the most correct answers would win a prize! They all got the same amount of answers right but we agreed to let Lottie win this one to cheer her up. Winning this delightful Bear really did cheer her up, look at that smile!

After the quiz we then played pin the tail on the bear, that was fun but hard to figure out who actually won as the bear tails kept falling off! I definitely think there may have been a spot of cheating going on too, but then does anybody really play this game without cheating?!

Next, we went ona treasure hunt around the house. The goodies were hidden really well, but Kier managed to find this plastercine fun pack! 

Now the children were all really hyper at this point, so we all sat down nicely to make some cute Bear face biscuits. This was so easy to do and you can try this at home with your children. All you need is Chocolate flavour icing tubes, Chocolate buttons and digestive biscuits.

This was my favourite activity as you can probably tell from that perfectly decorate bear biscuit!!

We finished the party off with some calming crafts and a nice calm sitting down game, then the children were each given a goody bag which they didn't expect, so that was a nice surprise for them!

All the children had a lovely time at our Bear Hunt themed twitter party, we hope to do more social media parties soon. Look out for more information on our next Twitter party. There are so many prizes to be won if you join in using the hash tag :-)

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  1. Ah what great fun! My kids would have loved the biscuit decorating! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x