Friday, 24 February 2017

TeleTubbies celebrate their 20th Anniversary

I can still remember when the TeleTubbies first appeared on our TV screens. I was 13 years old and i thought they were very weird looking, but as soon as i heard about the high demand for the TeleTubbies soft toys I just had to be part of the obsession! As soon as i heard the toys were back in store i went straight out to buy one. I really wanted Po because he was the little cute one, but i think i ended up with Dipsy and Laa laa, it wasn't long before I got my hands on a Po soft toy. It was very cute and i remember being so proud that I had some TeleTubbies soft toys at the end of my bed (sad i know!!!) 

Looking back it doesn't seem like that was 20 years ago! Now TeleTubbies is bigger than ever, with a fantastic new toy range out and a new TV show with all new things. My girls were never into TeleTubbies but my 3 year old boy is loving them! He asked for the TeleTubbies vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and now since we got one of the new books he has noticed there is a TeleTubbies train, well he wants this too!

For now Kier is happy with his new TeleTubbies book and DVD, he has looked at his book every night since he got it!
He watched his new DVD recently and enjoys seeing what new adventures Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa laa and Po are upto. Kier loves it when the Teletubbies eat their Tubby Custard, he loves how excitable they are and he now refers to his Porridge as "Tubby Custard" 

I know my mum has probably got my old TeleTubbies soft toys in her house somewhere, she doesn't know yet that i'm going to ask her to find them for Kier to play with. She will enjoy hunting for those in her attic...
 i'm sure!!

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