Monday, 6 February 2017

Safety at Home - Top tips for ChildMinders & Parents

 As a childminder and a mummy to 2 school aged children and a toddler, it is very important that my home is safe for little ones at all times. As i have recently moved house my new home has not yet been inspected so i have taken the matter into my own hands!

 Please read my top tips and comment on any that i may have missed out and be sure to check out my top tips for remodeling your home.

    Safety Gates

Safety Gates are usually the first thing everyone remembers when you have a little toddler running riot. You can usually pick them up fairly cheap at baby and toddler events. Just remember to always close them!

  Cupboard Locks

These aren't essential but always come in handy if you have a toddler who is fascinated with opening cupboards and drawers which may contain sharp objects or cleaning products! I used them for my first child but didn't bother for the other 2!

 Safety Glass

If your home is fitted with double glazing then you should be alright as it's unlikely to break and shatter into a million pieces! For outdoor play houses and wendy houses it's best to use Polycarbonate windows which are available from Simply Plastics.

Door Wedges

I will never forget the day my sweet little 2 year old placed her tiny delicate little fingers in the inner door frame and then closed the door behind her. Her face changed so quickly from her usual beaming smile to a pained face. Her fingers were blue, i'm surprised they didn't actually break as the door was so heavy!
Since that day i've always used door safety wedges for heavy fire doors. Luckily we don't have heavy doors that slam closed in our new home.

Corner Cushions

These are very useful if you have toddlers who are the same height as your dining table or coffee table/units. Toddlers love to run around and don't usually take much notice of where they are going and what they might bump into!

Smoke Alarm

All homes should have at least 1 working smoke alarm, many homes will have 2, 1 for in the kitchen area and one for near the stairs or bedrooms if you live in a bungalow.
Every year the fire rescue service is called to over 600,000 fires which result in over 17,000 injuries and over 800 deaths. You are twice as likely to die in a house that doesn't have a smoke alarm than a house that does. If you have smoke alarms in your home remember to check the battery every few months and replace it every 12 months.
It's also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in your home.

Blind Cords

This is the one that always gets forgotten about. So many parents and carers don't realize how dangerous blind cords can be. There have been way to many toddler deaths caused by blind cords, too many to call them "freak accidents"
Blind cords can be secured to the window so they can't be pulled off, or they can be replaced with safety blind cords, which would snap if a toddlers head became stuck in them.

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