Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mummy Money Worries

 Financial planning for the family doesn't always happen the way you might have expected. Once you start a family and buy your first home, you may have thought all your financial problems would fall into place and everything would be just how you imagined it would in your head. Sadly, it doesn't always pan out how we hoped. For me, financial worries started as soon as we bought our second home. A much bigger house than our first, with much bigger mortgage repayments. Now our children are ages 9, 6 and 3 we find we are spending so much more money on grocery shopping (they NEVER stop eating!!) and Fuel running the children around after school (dance classes 4 days a week, seriously!!) and then the odd day out or treat (Why does a trip to the Cinema have to cost the earth!?)

After all the bills and essential things have been paid it's hard to imagine that big family holiday you were hoping for ever happening, am i right?

Money worries only seem get more tough as the kids get older, but one day things will get easier! I'm often told this by my own parents,  "everyone struggles when they are starting out" I hear my mums voice in my head saying these words every time I feel upset that I can't afford another trip to Disneyland Paris!

I've never been one to borrow a huge amount of money before, i'd worry that i would never be able to pay it back, but taking out quick loans is so much easier now than ever before. When you're a busy family trying to make ends meet its good to know that there is help out there and it's quick, easy and there are helpful people to guide you through it.

This month I have decided to put my left over earnings away into a savings account, some months it may only be a little amount, but it all helps!  So hopefully next year we can have that lovely family holiday that we all deserve. Now just to decide on the destination!

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